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A little kindness goes a long way!

A little kindness goes a long way!

It’s World Kindness Day, a day to highlight the little things and remind us all that simple acts of kindness have power and that together, we can all work to create a kinder world.

To celebrate this important day we chatted to Ally Strain, the founder of Byron Bays, The Kindness Project, a community initiative-based group that helps vulnerable members within our community.


Can you tell us a little about what The Kindness Project is?  

The Kindness Project is a small community initiative group based in the Byron Bay, Australia. It is run by me; Ally and a few friends who have volunteered over the last few years on different projects. 
The Kindness Project aims to help vulnerable members within our community via little projects throughout the year. I work with incredible, local organisations who deal directly with the families in need. Some of these families have fled domestic violence, are in witness protection, in refugee housing or homeless. Other families are experiencing extreme hardship/crisis and are just needing some extra love and support. 

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to create The Kindness Project? How did this passion project come about?   

I created The Kindness Project after selling my business earlier this year, this definitely kick started me into creating an actual space to help give back to our community!
My passion for charity work and giving back led to the creation of The Kindness Project that is inspired by my hero, my grandfather Clemmy. He was the most charitable man ever and I just grew up with the idea that doing things for your community was very normal.   Clemmy organised Christmas Hampers for the homeless in Sydney. It was so chaotic with hundreds of green shopping bags flooding his house for weeks whilst organising, but I loved to see the joy it gave him to help those who were struggling.  Clemmy unfortunately now has dementia and cannot remember all the amazing things he once did. So, I decided to continue his legacy here in the Byron Shire. 

You’ve  organised  family Christmas hampers for victims of domestic violence and toy donations for Brisbane’s Children’s Hospital. Do you have plans to expand into more causes? 

Absolutely! My aim is to turn The Kindness Project into a registered charity next year and continue to give back and help where and when I can. I am already talking to other charities and organisations in the area about ways we can all help each other and work together. There is such a need in this area!

Tell us about some of the people  you’ve  met along the way   

This may sound corny but every single person I have met on this journey has been incredible. There is something pretty magical about creating a project and space for people to give back and see how much they enjoy it. Connecting with local businesses is also a highlight. The continual support is epic


 What has the overall community response been to The Kindness Project? The project grows bigger and bigger every year {how great is that!}  

It is intense, in the best way! I started the Christmas Hamper & School Pack Project 2021 on the 1st of November with the aim to help 170 families and I have already (almost) organised help for each family. Four years ago, we organised 16 Christmas Hampers and this year 170... I mean, that says a lot, doesn’t it? 
I have many conversations with people who are keen to donate and they explain that they want to help and get involved in initiatives like this but have no idea where to look. I am creating a link to people keen to give back to the organisations that need the support and I am very honoured to do so!


 How can people get involved?  

Please follow the @thekindnessprojectaus, share what we are doing and reach out if you’re able to help in any of our future projects.  As The Kindness Project is very new and growing quite quickly if you are keen to get involved on the volunteering side, please reach out, I'm am all ears! 

Olli Ella is very excited to be donating goods, woman power and support this Holiday Season to the Kindness Project and their amazing Hamper Drives.


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