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DIY Cardboard Safari Truck Craft

DIY Cardboard Safari Truck Craft

Take a ride on the wild side in our DIY Cardboard Safari Truck! We teamed up with @cardboardfolk to create an off-road car for your Cozy Dinkum animals. Whether it's exploring the vast plains of the living room or navigating the treacherous jungles of the backyard, this little truck is always up for a fun-filled adventure! Let’s get crafting... 

You Will Need: 
Cardboard box ( we used an Olli Ella shipping box about 20 x 20 x 30 cm) 
Steel ruler 
Hot glue gun or masking tape 
Sharp scissors and box cutter (for grown-ups only)  
Scrap piece of cardboard 
Black marker 
4 x jar lids 
Cutting mat or  scrap cardboard (to protect your work surface) 

Paint and brushes

  • 01 Mark Up the Box

    Draw the outline for your truck body onto the cardboard box as shown using a pencil and a ruler. Line 1 should be 2cm shorter than the height of your box flaps.

  • 02 Cut Out the Car

    Using a steel ruler as a guide, carefully cut along the lines with a box cutter. Use the piece you just cut as a template to cut out the other side of the box. If needed, use a pair of sharp scissors to tidy up the edges.

  • 03 Round the Front Panel

    On the left-over box flap, trace an arc around a bottle top to round off the corners. Cut around the arcs with scissors. 

  • 04 Fit the Hood

    Cut a rectangle from the scrap cardboard big enough to create the hood of the truck. Wrap the ends around a pencil so they will curve over the arcs you cut in Step 3. Hot glue the hood in place. If you don't have a glue gun, use masking tape instead.  

  • 05 Make the Windshield

    Cut a rectangle from the left-over pieces of cardboard to fit inside the car and finish about 10cm above the bonnet. Cut a windscreen out of the top of the rectangle, then glue or tape it in place. 

  • 06 Draw the Grille

    Use a black marker to decorate your truck with a grille and headlights.

  • 07 Make and Attach the Wheels

    To make the wheels, cut out 4 circles from the left-over cardboard about 10cm in diameter. Colour the tyres in black (or paint them), leaving a plain circle in the middle for the rims. Glue the wheels to your jar lids. Next, glue the wheels on to the truck, making sure they sit evenly. 

  • 08 Decorate Your Ride

    Now for the run part! Decorate your truck to match your Cozy Animal's personality like our Zebra Mini and Lion Pip wagons. You might also like to attach some personalised plates (scroll down for our plate suggestions). Your Cozy Dinkums are ready to safari in style!


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