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Beyond your wildest dreams...learn pretend play with Holdie™ Animals

Beyond your wildest dreams...learn pretend play with Holdie™ Animals

At Olli Ella, we believe in the power of imagination and the joys of pretend play. Our Holdie™ Animals are the perfect companions for setting up backyard adventures, puppet shows, and small missions that will keep your little ones entertained for hours. We understand the importance of fostering creativity and role-playing, and we're here to help you make the most of these experiences with your children. Discover our tips on how to engage in pretend play and make it even more exciting with our Holdie™ Animals.

Pretend play, also known as symbolic play, is a stage of play in which children use objects and actions to create a make-believe world. They assign roles, give meaning to objects, and create new realities through their imagination. It is a way for children to express themselves and develop their cognitive and social skills. And we are all about it! Here's some of our favourite ways to do it:

1. Unleash your imagination and play pretend with our Holdie™ Animals! We've crafted a unique backstory for each animal to get you started, giving you, your little ones and their friends the freedom to pick their favourite and fully immerse themselves in role-playing adventure.

2. Get up close and personal during pretend play by positioning yourself at eye level with your child. This can be done by sitting on the floor or sitting across a table from each other. By being face-to-face, your child will feel more connected to you and will be able to see your facial expressions, gestures, and actions, enhancing the pretend play experience.

3. Keep an eye out for what catches your little one's fancy. Once you've set out the Holdie™ Animals, see which one they gravitate towards. If it's Elephant, hop on board and play with it! Following their lead will make them excited to play with you.

4. If your little one is new to pretend play, give them a helping hand by starting the fun yourself. Grab one of their favourite toys and show them how to play by doing a simple action, like making animal sounds that match the Holdie™ Animal! This will give them an idea of what to do and get them excited to join in.

5. Get "into" the play! It is easy to become a "narrator" when playing with your child, and provide a play-by-play from the sidelines about what your child is doing. Being ‘in' the play gives your child more chances to learn because it allows for more interaction and conversation.

6. Have fun! Seeing the world of imagination through your child's eyes creates a new perspective for both of you. You'll never know what will be thought up next!

5. Dive into the playtime! It's easy to stand back and narrate the action, but getting "into" the play makes it more fun for your child and provides more opportunities for learning.

Holdie™ Safari Animals

Meet Zebra, the playful and fun-loving animal of the Holdie™ world. He's always up for a game of hide and seek, but don't be fooled by his black and white stripes, he's easy to spot. And when it comes to parties, Zebra is the one to call - he's the ultimate party animal!
Despite his size, Elephant is the kind and gentle leader of the Holdie™ Safari crew. He's in charge of all water play and loves to use his trunk to give everyone a refreshing spray on hot days. He's the captain of the aquatic fun in the Holdie™ world.
Rhino is a helpful and reliable animal in the Holdie™ world, always willing to lend a hand. He's got the strongest horn in the land, making him the perfect animal for moving heavy objects like boulders or fallen trees. He also has a playful side, often galloping around trying to shake off the birds that like to perch on his back. Rhino is always there to help and bring some fun to the adventure.

Holdie™ Savannah Animals


Introducing Lion, the ruler of the Savannah, known for his powerful roar that echoes throughout the land. He takes great pride in his appearance, often spending time grooming and maintaining his magnificent mane in the sun. Despite his fierce reputation, Lion is a kind and big-hearted animal who loves to take care of himself and his friends.
Meet Hippo, a lovable and sometimes shy animal who is always happy to see a friend. He's a big fan of splashing around in the rivers and streams of Holdie™ world, and likes to surprise the animals that come to the water hole for a drink. Despite his size, Hippo is a friendly and playful animal that's always looking for a good time. Can you imagine a hippo doing a bellyflop?
High-up above the Holdie™ world is Giraffe, our long-necked friend. He can often be seen collecting high-up snacks to share with his companions. He also acts as a lookout for the Holdie™ Savannah and loves to bust a move every now and then. He chats to the birds, snakes and koala's in the trees. Despite his height, Giraffe is a gentle giant who is always happy to share his treats with his friends.

 Holdie Marine Animals

Meet Octopus, our friend with many talents. She is known for her ability to multitask, and can often be found using her eight long legs to help clean up litter and debris from the Holdie™ Ocean floor. She's a mighty helper and always looking for ways to make the ocean a cleaner place. She loves squeezing through small spaces and coral crevices, exploring and dancing through day and night.
Then there is Turtle, the traveler of Holdie™ world's vast blue seas. He cruises and navigates through the currents and waves, visiting far-off islands with palm trees and giant sea shells. Turtle is a wise and experienced storyteller, who loves to share tales of his adventures and the knowledge he's gained from meeting all of the creatures in the deep blue sea. 
Don't be intimidated by Shark's toothy grin, he's a gentle and friendly Holdie™ who loves nothing more than a chat and a playful splash. He's the go-to friend for anyone who feels worried or sad in Holdie™ world. He's also an expert on the best spots to head for lunch, to chase boats zipping by and to watch the world from. Despite his slightly intimidating appearance, Shark is a kind and compassionate Holdie™ who's always there for his friends.

 Holdie™ Ocean Animals

Meet Whale, the giant of the Holdie™ Ocean, known for his love of singing. He often serenades the Holdie™ Mermaids as they ride on his tail. He's also been known to give a few snails a lift to tour the sea. Dolphin, is Whale's cheeky and playful ocean dweller pal, who loves to show off her tricks and is always eager to play, especially bodysurfing and racing the Holdie™ Mermaids through the ocean waves. Dolphin likes collecting seaweed and balancing shells on her nose. She's got some great tricks to share. And we must not forget Stingray. Stingray is another beloved ocean friend, who loves to share stories of sunken treasure and hidden caves in the depths of the Holdie™ Ocean. He's the perfect companion for adventures and known for his constant smile. He loves a tickle, and he's a huge fan of balancing on funny objects!

Let the good times roll! Playing with your child's imagination opens up a whole new world for both of you. You never know what they'll come up with next, and that's part of the fun. So, relax and enjoy exploring!



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