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Blooming Fun: Craft A Dinky Dinkum Flower Hat

Blooming Fun: Craft A Dinky Dinkum Flower Hat

We teamed up with @liddierowl on our latest DIY adventure to combine the charm of Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds with the magic of handmade flower hats! Dive into a delightful crafter-noon and make floral crowns for your kiddos to match their Blossom Buds. Let your imagination bloom alongside your Dinky Dinkum friends!


  • Step 01 

    Start by cutting a circle out of cardboard (a little larger than the size of your child’s face). Cut a smaller circle within your original circle to create a cardboard ring approximately 4cm in width.

  • Step 02 

    Cut petals out of coloured foam. You can use whatever shape and colour you like. We used around 9-12 petals, but it will all depend on the petal shape chosen and width of your child's face.

  • Step 03 

    With a hot glue gun, glue petals to the back of your cardboard ring. Wait for the glue to dry before moving on to Step 4. 

  • Step 04 

    Cut a 6cm strip of yellow felt and make small cuts along one side of the strip it to create a fringe. Cut the strip into segments and glue around the centre of your flower using your hot glue gun (covering up your cardboard ring).

  • Step 05

    Turn the flower over and punch two holes, one at either side of your cardboard ring, using a hole punch. Attach elastic string to your flower hat (approximately 20cm long - but measure on your child’s head first for the exact length required.) Double knot your string to either side of the hat.

  • Step 06 

    Your flower hat is ready to twinkum with your Dinky Dinkum Blossom Buds!



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