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DIY Daydream Dinkum Beds

DIY Daydream Dinkum Beds

Our Dozy Dinkums love a good night's sleep just as much as we do, drifting off into a dreamy reverie whilst counting little sheep. We teamed up with our imaginative friend Katherine of @cardboardfolk to create some DIY Daydream Dinkum Beds for your little ones' new Daydream Dozy Dinkum besties. Now they can sleep side by side in a cosy bed made just for them!

This DIY includes a step-by-step guide to make your own at home.

It’s craft time!

Make your very own DIY Daydream Dinkum Beds

Watch the video below for extra guidance!



     To begin with download:  

bed template


  • 01Draw & Trace
    Cut out the Bed Template with scissors and join the bedside piece as shown with tape. Layout the templates on the cardboard and trace them around with a pencil. The slots should be the same thickness as your cardboard, adjust them as required.
  • 02Cut
    Cut around the pieces using scissors and a steel ruler as a guide along the straight edges. Be sure to protect your work surface with a cutting mat or scrap piece of cardboard.
  • 03Decorate
    Decorate the bed head and foot to suit your Daydream Dinkum’s personality! We used paint pens but feel free to use whatever materials you have on hand.
  • 04Position
    Attach the paper straws to the inside faces of the bedside pieces with masking tape. They should be located close to the bottom.
  • 05Build
    Slot the Bed together by attaching the Bedhead to the sides, and then to the Bed Foot.
  • 06Fit the mattress
    Measure the inside of the bed frame and cut a rectangular piece of cardboard to fit neatly inside for the ‘mattresses. Place the mattress inside so that it sits on the straws. If you want to make your bed a bit more robust, run a bead of white glue along each of the joins and also along the straws before putting the mattress in place then allow the glue to dry completely before play.
  • 07Sweet Dreams!
    Place your Dozy Dinkum in bed for the dreamiest sleep! For extra special dream, pair with the DIY Daydream Mobile (see other blog)



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