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Baskets galore for tidying and so much more!

Baskets galore for tidying and so much more!

We are head over heels for a multipurpose Rattan Basket here at Olli Ella, and our range of tidy-uppers is all the proof you need. From the lovely Hanging Hutch to the big open Basque Basket, these new lot of baskets may just be our faves, not just because they’re sweet but because they are mighty handy to have around too! In need of a bit of basket inspo? Read on; we’ve got plenty!

Meet our new must-haves for tidying, playing and hanging about with!   

Basque Basket   

Oh, Basque Basket, you really do have our whole hearts in a flutter with your easy and very handy ways. The Basque Basket is a fantastic all-rounder and fabulous out in the yard for collecting a veggie patch haul as it is in the playroom to hold all those must-have, easy-to-reach toys! We’ve spotted the Basque Basket by the door filled to the brim with essentials, handles ready for easy grabbing on the run out the door, and we’ve loved seeing this helpful Basket in the hands of kiddos busily going about a spot of gardening or two.   


Hanging Hutch   

Whether it’s happily filled to the brim with fresh flowers or hanging out holding a snuggly sloth friend, there’s one thing we know about the Hanging Hutch Basket, and that’s that it’s sure to make you smile every time you walk by it! From stashing knits by the door to creating décor focal points of florals fresh or dried, the Hanging Hutch Basket really does do it all!   


Cabouche Basket

A basket full of books, or a basket full of blankets, however you choose to use this sweet set, it will add a touch of effortless elegance and tactile comfort to your home.
With a large open weave, this Duo is sure to become your new go-to basket for just about everything.

Onion Basket Duo

This duo is a no-fuss solution for the little nooks and crannies around the home & is sold as a set of two in ink and straw!
A true delight to be loved in the pantry and beyond – use the big basket to transform your colourful root veggies into a culinary masterpiece (plus, the littlest one is the perfect size to catch garlic bulbs, herbs and small produce).   


Hello Hanging Shelf

A home classic! Hang in the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and nursery or spruce up a hallway with the shelf that lends an earthy vibe to your abode too! It’s as pretty as it is helpful for stashing vintage books, letters, cosmetics, scrubbers, flowers in jars, spices and other bits and bobs. It also does wonders to stash your kiddo’s collection of Holdie Folk and figurines too.  

Small Hutch Basket

A firm favourite because who doesn’t want to cart about a cute little Rattan House?!   
Designed for teeny hands to hold and carry, the Small Hutch Basket is delightful for hours of imaginative play (this Basket makes a cute Holdie™ play world!) but is also equally as beautiful as a place to store a sprig or two of blooms!   
We love seeing this Basket out and about swinging happily by a little one’s side or even toted by Mumma in her Olli Elle WARES!


Big Hutch Basket

Last but not least is the Big Hutch Basket, it’s exactly the same as the little Hutch Basket except it’s been renovated a storey higher! Big Hutch Basket is fabulous for storage; think knitting needles and oodles of wool or a fave book, chocolatey snack, and a thermos of tea for those days when a quiet spot to read is calling.   
We’ve seen the Big and Small Hutch Baskets paired up for playtime with some adventure-loving Holdie™ Dinos making themselves at home. Amazing for kiddo play but perfect for wearing out for lunch too? That’s our favourite kind of Rattan Basket.



40% OFF
Rattan Basque Basket

Rattan Basque Basket

36,00 EUR Regular price 60,00 EUR
35% OFF
Rattan Hanging Hutch

Rattan Hanging Hutch

42,25 EUR Regular price 65,00 EUR
50% OFF
Mid-Year Sale
Rattan Hutch Big  Basket

Rattan Hutch Big Basket

34,50 EUR Regular price 69,00 EUR


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