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Create a magical Advent Calendar with Olli Ella

Create a magical Advent Calendar with Olli Ella

The countdown to the Holidays is on & what better way to do it than with your very own DIY advent calendar. We’ve teamed up with our friend Kathryn of @cardboardfolk to create a cardboard advent village filled with sweet daily notes & few magical Olli Ella friends!


Get that cardboard & scissors ready, it’s holiday craft time!

Make your very own DIY advent calendar.

To begin with download:

Advent Calendar House template

Daily notes printable 

Numbers printable 


  • 01Trace and cut
    Print out the Template Pack and cut out the house template. Use tape to join the 2 halves together as shown, then trace around the template onto your cardboard pieces to create 25 houses. Cut them out with a box cutter, using a ruler as a guide to give a straight edge. Protect your work surface with a cutting mat or scrap piece of cardboard underneath!
  • 02Score and fold
    Score along the fold lines as shown on the template with the box cutter (cut gently so you only cut through the top layer of the cardboard, leaving the bottom attached). Then fold along the score lines. (If you are using thin cardboard, eg: from a cereal box, then you can simply fold the cardboard over to crease it)
  • 03It's time to decorate!
     Decorate your houses! We used paint on the front faces and white tape to create details like doors, roofs and windows.  
  • 04Assemble!
    Assemble your houses by folding in the sides and base and securing them in place with tape. Leave the roof open to add your advent surprises!
  • 05Glue Numbers
    Grab your Template Pack again and cut out the number spots. Attach them to the houses with a glue stick or some tape.
  • 06Advent Activity Cards
    Cut out the Advent Activity Cards from the Template pack ready to pop in your houses. We added some confetti made from recycled cards for an extra surprise. 


     Now for the fun part!

    Fill your houses with the Activity Cards, Treats and of course some Holdie Folk friends. Add one or more item per day, then close up the roof with a piece of tape. 




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