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DIY | Felt Easter Treats

DIY | Felt Easter Treats

We love crafts, but we love conscious crafts even more! Felt toys are our new obsession; not only is making your own toys an adorable hobby (like, super adorable), but it's also a great way to keep the kiddies entertained with fun new things without breaking the bank or purchasing plastic toys that aren't always planet-friendly. That's why we are so excited to share this Easter-themed, felt food DIY from our lovely friend and fellow creator of beautiful, sustainable goodies, @bebebonvivant




  • 01To begin
    Let's 'bake' some cookies! You will need paper & a pen or pencil, coloured felt, embroidery thread in correlating colours, a sewing needle, scissors (scalloped and normal), quilting batting and cotton. Start by drawing an egg shape on some paper, cutting it out & drawing a pattern on the stencil.
  • 02Cut out the pattern
    Cut out the pattern on your stencil and place the seperate parts of the pattern onto different coloured pieces of felt to be cut out... 
  • 03Create the shape
    ...like this! Now cut out a piece of white felt in the same shape as the first egg stencil and two pieces of beige felt in the same shape but slightly larger. Together, the coloured felt and the white felt will create the icing and the beige felt will create the cookie.
  • 04Stitch the pattern
    Using thread in the same colour as the coloured felts, stitch the pieces to the egg shape, leaving small gaps in between, like this.
  • 05Make polka dots
    You can also use embroidery thread to stitch pretty patterns onto the white felt, or make felt polka dots instead of stripes! Now that you have secured the pattern to your white felt shape, stitch the completed piece onto one of the cookie cut-outs.
  • 06Create padding
    Your cookie now has icing! Yay! Next, cut out a piece of quilting batting (or felt) slightly smaller than your complete cookie and sandwich it between the two cookie cut-outs.
  • 07Finishing Touches
    Sew the two cookie pieces together using a blanket stitch like this.
  • 08Done!
    Your cookie is complete, you clever thing, all ready for an Easter feast! 




  • 01To begin
    Are you ready for the best vegetables ever?! Let's begin! To create your felt carrots, start by cutting out a felt triangle and a slightly smaller rectangle like this. Keep in mind that the bigger the triangle, the bigger your carrot will be! You can choose to create whatever colour carrot you wish, but we aren't fancy so we went with orange and green.
  • 02Create the leaf 
    Using a pair of scalloped scissors, cut out the leafy part of the carrot, then join the free edges of the triangle and sew together using a backstitch to create a cone shape. 
  • 03Stitch the leaf
    Now using thread in the same colour as the leaf, run a simple stitch down the centre a pull it tight to create a cinched effect. Use the same stitch horizontally, from the outer edge of the leaf towards the centre stitch. Stitch several times until the leaf looks sufficiently crinkly. 
  • 04Create the stem
    Use a backstitch to form the stem of the leaf like so...
  • 05Stitch it together
    ...then secure the leaf to the top of the carrot, making sure it is sewn to the outside of the cone, not the inside. 
  • 06Turn it inside out
    Now, turn your carrot inside out to hide the stitching and stuff it using cotton. Then finish it off by sewing the open edge together and attaching it to the leaf.
  • 07Finishing Touches
    Finally, using a lighter coloured thread, add some long horizontal stitches to the carrot for some texture.
  • 08Done!
    Your carrot is complete! You can make a few more in any colour you choose and fill up your basket, ready for an Easter adventure!



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