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DIY | Upcycle your Holdie Dino & Magical Creature Boxes into play filled dioramas!!

DIY | Upcycle your Holdie Dino & Magical Creature Boxes into play filled dioramas!!

We love a bit of DIY here at Olli Ella and even more so when we get to upcycle something beautiful like our all-new and very pretty Holdie™ Dinosaur and Magical Creature boxes! All play starts with a landscape in which to dream and begin a story, and who better to team up with to create an upcycled wonderworld in a box than our good friend Kathryn of @thecardboardfolk!! Craft along with us and don’t forget to share your upcycled dioramas (AKA miniature models) !

Let’s craft the day away together

Spark imagination and play with our Holdie™ World Friends!!


Watch video below for extra guidance!



    Start by taking off the top flap of your Holdie Dinosaurs or Magical Creatures box with a sharp pair of scissors. (A job for a grown-up or extra big kid for sure!)
  • 02Trace & Cut
    Create the background scene for your diorama from coloured paper or card. Use a pencil to trace some mountains or a volcano onto the coloured paper and cut around with scissors. Then create the foreground with some rolling hills in different colours. For our dinosaurs we also cut out a large moon from white paper by tracing around a cereal bowl. Make sure your pieces fit inside the box, trimming down any shapes as needed.
  • 03Get Creative! 
    Next, design some extra details for your diorama, think clouds, shrubs, monstera leaves, vines, stars and rainbows. If you’re making a volcano don’t forget the lava! Cut out all of your pieces with scissors.
  • 04Decorate!
    To add some hand drawn charm, use markers or paint pens to add details and patterns to some of your scenery pieces. We added some spots and outlines. 
  • 05Structure
    To give your scenery structure, use scrap cardboard to create backing pieces. Roughly cut out shapes to sit behind the paper pieces, this doesn’t need to be perfect as it will be hidden in the final layout. Use the glue stick or some double-sided tape to attach the paper to the cardboard.
  • 06Added dimension!
    If you want to give your scene extra dimension, cut out some additional small rectangles from the cardboard as packers. Glue them to the back of the pieces that you’d like to sit further forward, the more pieces you use, the more space you will have between your layers.
  • 07Assemble
    To assemble your scene, start by gluing down the background first then move onto the foreground and lastly detailed pieces. 







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