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Easter Baskets that keep on giving! Our top 10 Baskets for Easter and beyond

Easter Baskets that keep on giving! Our top 10 Baskets for Easter and beyond

The key to any successful Easter hunt is all in the Basket! Luckily, we’ve handpicked the best ones for the ever-important Easter egg hunt and for use long after the choccie eggs are gone! Baskets are mighty handy and perfect for everything from chocolate collecting (and stashing!) right through adventures, veggie hauling, and much more! Discover our top ten Basket picks for Easter and everyday fun!

Basket goodness for Easter and Beyond! 

1. Berry Basket

The perfect size for little (and big hands) to collect treasures of every kind, from Easter surprises to pencils and kitchen bits and bobs, this is one Basket for which you will discover many uses! Berry Basket is also a great gifting size, filled with Cozy Dinkum for Easter or a collection of colourful craft essentials, you are sure to make somebodies day!


Choose your Berry Basket 


2. Mosey Rattan Basket

Oh, Mosey, it really is one of our all-time fave Baskets. Fabulous for holding surplus Easter loot or filling with baked Easter goodies to gift, this Basket is always at the top of our Easter list!
Mosey is excellent for carting around the farmer's market, carrying your everyday essentials (hello, new handbag!) or storing kiddo toys. This generous Basket is sure to become your daily go-to!


 Shop our Mosey Basket 


3. Rattan Strolley

Strolley makes for the BEST egg hunting wheeled Basket around! With its wheels and sturdy handle, the Strolley is the ideal Basket for all those enthusiastic, wobbly toddlers.
Strolley or Trolley, let them decide with a flip of the lid! This is one convertible Basket that every kiddo is sure to love long after the Easter Bunny has hopped away. It’s hours of Dinkum Doll play and storage galore!


Choose your Rattan Strolley 


4. Rattan Mini Chari Bag

Mini Chari is our woven wonder for Easter egg collecting on the go. Wear it as a backpack, bag or for extra speedy collectors, it transforms into a bike Basket too!
When the Easter fun is over, Mini Chari makes a handy hold all around the house, from pegs to socks and those tiny collected kiddo treasures; The Mini Chari has you covered! 


Choose your Mini Chari Bag 


5. Rattan Mushroom Basket

Create a wonderful Easter surprise with our Mushroom Basket and watch your littles wake to a most magical scene on Easter morning.
SO much more than a Mushroom Basket, this fungi (see what we did there!) little house makes for a sweet nightlight when filled with fairy lights or is a cute little tote to take out and about.


Shop our Mushroom Basket 


6. Piki Basket

The Piki Basket is our go-to Easter Basket year after year. It’s lightweight with handles and has ample room inside to hold plenty of sugary goodness!
After Easter, Piki makes for an excellent storage Basket, and as the name suggests, it’s a basket made for picnicking too.


Choose your Piki Basket 


7. Rattan Luggy

The Luggy is one for the fast movers come Easter hunt time. Perfect for piling high with chocolate eggs, Easter goodies and Cozy Dinkum friends!
Luggy's make fabulous hold-all's around the house or on the go for flowers, toys and all of life's essentials. Fill it up, and off you go!


Choose your Rattan Luggy


8. Rattan Tarry Basket

For BIG eggs only, the Tarry Basket is one for the seasoned Easter hunters! This double-duty Basket is also fantastic for storage, collecting and carting. We love Tarry for herb holding, block keeping and mess control!

Shop our Rattan Tarry Basket


9. Casa Bag

The perfect place to stash choccie? In our Casa Bag, of course! This mobile home offers the sweetest storage solution for all those Easter Eggs! It also makes a fabulous accessory to any littles outfit and is all too cute when put on display.


Choose your Casa Bag


10. Rattan Egg Basket

Is there anything more precious than a baby's first Easter?! Create a beautiful Easter gift filled with forever treasures nestled in our Egg Basket! Also, with its big round handle, this Basket's the goods for any Easter egg hunter. Beyond Easter, the Egg Basket makes a lovely addition to the bathroom to hold luscious soaps and bath salts or as a stylish tote to take out and about with you!


Shop our Egg Basket 



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