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Meet the Holdie Folk Fairies, Magical Creatures & Luvya Bags

Meet the Holdie Folk Fairies, Magical Creatures & Luvya Bags

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the newest members of Holdie World! We cannot wait to see your little ones bring the magical adventures of these new Holdie Fairies and Magical Creatures to life. And that’s not all! We’re also welcoming a new basket to the family. Meet our new heart-shaped beauty, the Luvya Bag.



Meet the new collectable Holdie Fairies

Tulip the Tooth Fairy

Tulip is always on the hunt for more pearly whites to add to her collection which she carries carefully in a special sparkly pouch she wears around her wrist! She loves to be there for your little one when they lose their very first tooth.


Willow the Worry Fairy

Willow the Worry Fairy is always on hand to listen when your little one has worries.
Willow zaps away all worries and troubles with his magical worry wand. He loves being close to your little one to help soothe a busy mind.

Bluebell the Birthday Fairy

Blow out the candles and make a wish! Bluebell brings birthday dreams to life with her magical birthday crown. She loves to be there on special birthday mornings.




Meet the Magical Creatures!

Magical Creatures are loved and revered by all who live in Holdie World. Each creature brings magic, play and adventure to all who meet them.



Holdie Folk love to ride on Unicorn through the skies. Unicorn takes great pride in her ability to heal all creatures with her magical horn. 


Whether it’s lighting a campfire or dozing in a secret hideaway cave, Dragon is a loved member of the Holdie World



Shy and sweet, Nessy always knows the best place to catch the yummiest fish. Plus, what fun to go on a water ride with speedy Nessy!



Introducing... The Luvya Bag

Give your Holdie Fairies and Magical Creatures their very own home for sleep and play on-the-go with our rattan, heart-shape Luvya Bag. This handwoven beauty is perfect for stashing and carting special treasures when your little one is on the move.
These dreamy bags come in two Olli Ella classic colourways; rose and straw.





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