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Olli Ella Folk | Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Olli Ella Folk | Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Today on the blog, we're chatting to Brandi Sellers-Jackson, a doula, musician and mother of three from Los Angeles. Brandi's radiating joy and enthusiasm for life inspires us endlessly, as does her unique and vibrant personal style and ability to pair pieces together like nobody else. We joined Brandi in her LA home, bursting with plants and positivity, to chat about style, parenting and her online platform, Not So Private Parts


Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live…

I am a birth and postpartum doula, mama of three boys, and wife. I am also the creator of the online wellness platform, #NotSoPrivateParts and the Co-Creator of Moms In Color. My family and I live here, in Los Angeles, CA. 

You launched #notsoprivateparts a little over three years ago now. Tell us more about what inspired you to start this movement..

After having a miscarriage in 2014, I was amazed by the lack of resources available to folks who have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage. Pregnancy loss can be super isolating, and I simply wanted to create the community that I needed, way back when.  

Arguably, you are best known for your work as a doula and an educator in all things birth and motherhood but we hear you also have a passion for music and song-writing?
Yep, before I landed in the birth world, my life was music. Many many moons ago, I went to school for music and later signed a publishing development deal with EMI. I still dabble when it feels right. As far as I’m concerned it all comes from the same source of creativity. 

You really do have an innate eye for style and pairing pieces together in a way that is uniquely your own. How would you say your personal style has developed over the years, through motherhood and all the varying stages of life?
I am all about what feels right. I tend to gravitate to what feels most authentic, even in my style choices... what feels most comfortable. I never force myself into wearing something simply because of trend. I like to be intuitive with my clothing choices. 


As a breastfeeding Mama, what are your go-to pieces at the moment and what things do you gravitate toward when shopping for clothes?
All the button down and wrap shirts. Dresses. Layering pieces are amazing. I love a good jumpsuit. Hats. All the hats. I love super soft fabrics that feel good on my skin. I love supporting brands made with love. 

How do you feel when wearing WARES?

I feel soft. I love the feeling of organic cotton. When I wear WARES, I feel like I can take the guess work out of, “what to wear” and just simply be present, beautiful and connected.  





Website notsoprivateparts.life/about 
Instagram @bstereo



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