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Olli Ella folk | Nicola Cross

Olli Ella folk | Nicola Cross

At Olli Ella, we’re pretty big fans of all the boss-ladies who manage to maintain a top-notch sense of humour and good hair whilst juggling motherhood and career all at the same time. Nicola Cross is no exception and to be honest, we are kind of obsessed. We first spotted Nicola on Instagram, travelling the world in style and sharing her adventures with a band of merry followers, who fondly know her as dicolaaa. Now, she’s embarked on a whole new journey, becoming a mum to little Rosie Bear. We chatted to Nicola about style, travel, a few of her favourite things and of course, her new life with a little one.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where do you live, who do you live with and what keeps you busy?
Hello! I live in Adelaide, with my partner Patrick, our darling dog Atticus and latest addition, our baby girl Rosie. I am a photographer, blogger and Pinterest enthusiast. Lately I am kept busy with piles of baby washing and a revolving door of visitors excited to meet our girl... luckily they come baring food.

Describe your personal style
Connies, a floaty dress and something on my head, whether it’s a hat, a headscarf or a crown braid and I always, always wear white eyeliner.

What never fails to make you laugh?
At the moment Rosie, she has so many expressions and I am constantly giggling at her and the morning notes Pat leaves for me. This morning was a sketch of ‘egg and bacon’ with ‘better together’ written under it.  


The Nyla changing basket! It’s an essential and looks good too. Makes changes a little more glamorous.


What’s the place that really feels like ‘home’?
Our bedroom. The linen is always white, the curtains dance in the breeze, there is a subtle hint of cedar-wood aroma filling the room and my favourite coffee mug on my bedside table. In winter, when it’s too cold for the beach... it’s my favourite place to be.

Fave Olli Ella product and what you use it for
The Nyla changing basket! It’s an essential and looks good too. Makes changes a little more glamorous.

So far, what is the best, and worst, thing about becoming a Mum?
Perhaps an unpopular choice ..but I love the 3am feed. It is silent, still and feels as though we are the only two in the world. She wraps her little hand around my finger and all though I am so tired I can hardly function, I know these moments won’t last forever and at 3am I don’t have to share her. The dim salt lamp gives us some warm light and I just stare at her thinking how lucky I am. Corny by true! The worst thing, a lot of unwanted advice, especially in grocery stores! Bugger off, I don’t care for your thoughts on rocking, not rocking, dummies, no dummies, breast feeding, formula feeding. Jog on with your trolley and let us buy our damn tomatoes.

Bonus Round
Book you’re currently reading
The last book I read was The Motherhood by Jamila Rizvi.

Podcast you won’t miss an episode of
Oww, I like Tim Ferris, Australian Birth Stories and a bit of Joe Rogan if I am in the car with Pat!

Next adventure
We purchased a bus last year and we are currently in the early stages of revamping it for a trip around Australia with Rosie and Atticus. We think we will head up to North Queensland. Of course we will stop by Byron on the way to say hello to you guys!



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