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Rooms around the world | Round three

Rooms around the world | Round three

For this instalment of Rooms around the World, we're meeting three very special Mamas from Australia, Denmark and Switzerland! We love their unique styles and how each of them have incorporated our Olli Ella products into the the most fun, functional and timeless spaces for their little ones that evolve as they grow! 

Victoria, Australia

Sarah | @bearcubclub
Being creative, my style is always evolving and changing. There are certain things that never change however; my love of light and bright spaces, minimal colour and playing with texture and layering. I like to contrast soft whimsical elements with strong, straight lines for balance. I am mostly inspired by finding amazing decor pieces which I then arrange the room to compliment. I can honestly say I adore everything we own of Olli Ella! All the decor and toys capture the playfulness and imagination of children while remaining super practical and ahead of the trends. The colours and designs are so thoughtfully considered - I don’t feel the boys options are ever an afterthought! This is so often the feeling when shopping for boys. It’s always so exciting seeing the new products Olli Ella release!


Gallen, Switzerland

Steffi | @ape.41
" I love searching for inspiration all around; in nature and little details. I also love getting inspired on Instagram by others and on Pinterest.
Seeing pretty things is my hobby! I’m a huge Olli Ella fan - I guess I love every single product! I love how every piece compliments each other.

I could easily have everything! I do love the products with the natural colour, but the new collection with the pastel colours made my heart beat faster!"


Copenhagen, Denmark

Majken | @majkenthrane
"It's important for me to create a room with several functions. There should be room for contemplation as well as play!
I prioritise floor space with room to play and room for movement. I try to tease the curiosity and the natural desire for knowledge children have by making things available that awake the imagination and support acquisition of knowledge. I've bought your products for the obvious reason that they are incredibly beautiful. At the same time they are functional and fit in well with my whole way of thinking about interior design. I love that the Mini Chari can be used both on the bicycle and as a bag. It invites many hours of play and the boys use them diligently for adventure in the forest and in the garden! We use the Luggy in the garden during Summer and for storage in the Winter. I've chosen to decorate this room with flea finds and things from my own childhood. I think this creates coziness and gives the room character. Among the furniture, the green sideboard is particular a hit. The many small drawers are perfect for storing a five year old's small treasures!"




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