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Staff Profile | Ahava Mehlman | Online Manager

Staff Profile | Ahava Mehlman | Online Manager

We love our team! We’re so lucky to have an army of talented people working behind the scenes who help make the Olli Ella world go round. Based in our Byron Bay office, Ahava Mehlman is our super-human Global Online Manager and is the brains behind your whole online shopping experience! Ahava is basically who we all want to be when we grow up. She's the kind of person who swaps chips for cucumbers for her office snacks and goes to the farmers market on weekends. If we’re lucky, she even brings freshly baked Banana cake to the office - seriously. She’s hardworking and methodical, yet never fails to surprise us with her sneaky (and a ‘lil bit sassy) sense of humour. We joined Ahava on her weekly market haul and talked about the things that make her tick.

How long have you worked at Olli Ella?
I've been working at Olli Ella for almost eight months now. I can't believe how fast it's gone! 


Tell us about your role. What exactly does it mean to be the Global Online Manager?

Being a global company means our customers can shop in four different currencies, plus, we ship to around 80 countries worldwide. I manage and maintain our four online stores and assist in developing our digital marketing strategy across our online channels. I also report on web sales and key ecomm metrics. My main focus however, is improving and optimising our online customer experience and creating an innovative, user friendly space for our amazing customers. I am very analytical but I also love being creative and coming up with new strategies. My job is a perfect blend of these things! 


What do you love most about working at Olli Ella?
Olli Ella is constantly growing and expanding and there are new challenges every day! You have to be able to adapt easily to change, be inventive and think creatively. One of my favourite parts of the job is problem solving, whether it’s a tech issue or customer experience problem, the unexpected tends to happen and you need to adapt quickly! Developing new ideas and marketing strategies is essential but the challenge of having to come up with new ideas is the best part! I also love how important ethical manufacturing is to Olli Ella, as well as their impact on the planet. As well as this, Olli Ella is all about team culture, it’s not a hierarchical workplace, which I think is so important. All ideas are welcomed and encouraged so everyone is really passionate about their roles, which is contagious in the best possible way! 



What do you love most about living in this part of the world? 
I live in Mullumbimby, a small town about 20km from Byron. Moving to Mullum from Melbourne means that even though I’ve lived here for almost four years, being able to leave work and jump in the ocean is still a novelty. I’ll try to go for a swim and walk my dog on the beach every day. It’s my way of mentally recharging for the next day ahead. 


"I love the Big Luggy! I'll take it to the Farmer's Market and stock up for the week on fresh fruit and veg and locally made goodies."


What does an ideal Saturday look like for you? 
You can find me, pretty much every Saturday, at the beach or river in Brunswick Heads with my partner, Sam and pup, Zelda. There are usually beers involved and dinner with friends going into the night. If it’s rainy, I’ll head straight to the book shop. I’m a real homebody - sometimes my favourite thing is just getting cozy and reading an entire book from cover to cover with strong coffee not too far away.


What is your favourite Olli Ella piece and why? 
I love the Big Luggy. I'll take it to the Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market on Friday mornings before work and stock up for the week on fresh fruit and veg and all the locally made goodies. I never thought I'd catch myself saying this before moving to the Northern Rivers, but there's a local sauerkraut at the market and it's my new favourite food! 


What motto do you try to live by? 
Be honest, be kind and try to see the positive in all aspects of life.


Shop Ahava's favourites! 

Big Luggy

Soukie Backpack



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