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Are you a little tired of the traditional nursery look? Well, grab your paintbrushes; we're thrilled to help you spice up your newest family member's. Let's dive into some unique ways to add that extra splash of personality with colours and accessories.

1 Dream up Your Design 

Before you break out the paints, take a moment to dream up your nursery's mural. Do you fancy something educational like ABCs or playful shapes? Maybe you're more into swirling colours or intricate patterns? Remember, this is a blank canvas-- the wall is your oyster! 

2 Splash on Some Colour

Let's talk colours! Mix and match primary shades with soft pastels or warm tones with cool ones. Bright colours are like magic to little eyes, so go ahead and pick those that make you smile. And here's a tip: Grab a few hues that match your already existing decor—it'll tie everything together beautifully! Add a special touch with our See-Ya Suitcases; they are perfect for storing toys and tie in with any aesthetic. 

3 Make It Yours 

Now, onto the fun part—decorating! Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer ready-made goodies, there's no wrong way to spice up your nursery. Whip up some DIY wall prints or craft a mobile with our adorable Holdie Animals. And don't forget to create a cosy changing corner with our Reva Seagrass Changing Baskets. Add some gentle lighting, books, plants and their toys; it's all about creating a space that is uniquely yours! 

4 Add Those Extra Touches 

Ready to take it up a notch? Give your furniture a little makeover! Whether you're going for sleek, textured, or funky patterns, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Feeling adventurous? Use leftover wallpaper or magazine cutouts to create a collage print that's one-of-a-kind. Use your revamped furniture as a shrine for your Dinkum Doll collection! 

Ready to Get Started? 

Head over to our Tula Collection for a treasure trove of nursery decor delights. From changing baskets to rattan wall decor, we've got everything you need to make your nursery dreams a reality. Let's make this space as special as your newest family member! 



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