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Wonder Wagons | A world of adventure! 

Wonder Wagons | A world of adventure! 

Wonder Wagons are back, stronger than ever and ready for adventures big and small, indoors or out, rain, hail or shine! The Wonder Wagon is an iconic member of the Olli Ella family; with its 100% handwoven rattan body, nostalgic feel and sense of unbridled, old-fashioned fun, the Wonder Wagon is right at home as part of the Olli Ella Classics Collection. Not just another pretty Wagon, the Wonder Wagon is built to pull, push, haul and cart on repeat because we know just how much little folk love to go, go go!

Whatever the season, the Wonder Wagon is always ready to roam!




Wonder Wagons have got summer covered, from outdoor picnics to carting sleeping under the star's essentials! We've seen Wonder Wagons laden with buckets, spades and sunhats ready for a day by the seaside and Wagons pulling their weight (see what we did there) carting fruit and veg farmers market hauls.

There's the savvy move of using a Wonder Wagon as a popcorn cart for a balmy summer's eve alfresco movie night. Of course, there's nothing better than carting your Dinkum Dolls around in the sunshine because a BFF should always roll with you wherever you go!



Autumn is the collecting season, and there's nothing handier for the job than the Wonder Wagon! It is perfect for little hands to fill with firewood, crunchy autumnal leaves, and all of the fallen pinecones they can find.

Made for cubby moves resplendent with blankets, friends, books, and snacks, the Wonder Wagon makes autumn hideouts so much more fun with wayyyyy fewer trips back and forth to the big house. Our fave Wagon use for this time of year? It's carting big snuggly blankets to cuddle up in as you watch those magic autumn sunsets!



The Wonder Wagon is fabulous for indoor play on those wet wintery days, not just for the outdoors! Think pillow fort-building supplies, book carting, treasure hunt collecting and arts and crafts on the go.

We've seen Wonder Wagons transform into Dozy Dinkum and Dinkum Doll beds, airplanes and cars on particularly cold cloudy days. Best of all is a Wagon filled with bickies and a thermos of hot choccie to eat by the fire, toasty warm!



Spring, how we love you, and the Wonder Wagon does too! From collecting apples to big nature walks spotting all the tiny new birds and animals through handily carted binoculars of course! Spring is for adventures and exploring galore; it's for filling Wagons with treasures and roaming till little feet say STOP no more!

Think teddy bears, picnics in wild grass-covered fields and carting gardening supplies and precious seedlings to the veggie patch. It's all a fun-filled adventure with our Wonder Wagon!!



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