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DIY | Cardboard Kombi

DIY | Cardboard Kombi

Roadtrip!! What’s more perfect for cruising down the open road than a vintage Kombi for you and your numero uno.

Check out this DIY for the ultimate low-emission, fully recycled
fun-mobile, straight from the Olli Ella auto shop!

  • 01You will Need
    A Cardboard Box, Paint (we used used house paint for a more solid coating, but acrylic or craft paint should be fine too!) Paint Brushes, a Permanent Marker, a Box Cutter, Scissors and Sticky Tape.   
  • 02Recycle
    To begin creating your Cardboard Kombi, collect an old recycled box (or two). Keep in mind that the box (or boxes) should be big enough to provide a reasonably cosy interior for two.
  • 03Tape
    Once the shell of your vehicle is organised, tape any loose areas down...
  • 04Cut
    ...and cut away any unnecessary parts.
  • 05Join
    Then, join the two halves together. You won't need to do this if you are using a bigger cardboard box. 
  • 06Draw
    Next, draw a rough outline of the shape as a guide. This part doesn't need to be perfect because you'll paint over it later. 
  • 07Paint it white
    Begin painting your Kombi. Use white paint for the upper part of the van...
  • 08Paint it pastel 
    ...and a pastel hue of your choice for the bottom half. 
  • 09 How's it lookin'?
    Now your Kombi should look something like this.
  • 10 Cut
    Wait for the paint to dry and use a box cutter to cut out the windows.
  • 11 Touch ups
    Then touch up the inner edges using white paint. 
  • 12 Draw
    Next, draw some side mirrors onto your cardboard scraps, making sure you leave a little tab to attach to the sides of the car.
  • 13 Paint
    Paint the mirrors and, once dry, fold the tab and attach to the van using tape.
  • 14 Paint
    Now paint on your front lights and your Kombi is complete!
  • 15 Luggage
    Just add some cute luggage and your ready to roll...
  • 16 See-ya! 
    We hope you have fun adventuring in your brand new Kombi! 


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