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Dinkum Cardboard Christmas Play Prop

Dinkum Cardboard Christmas Play Prop

Create your very own cardboard fireplace and stocking play prop for all your Dinkum friends! We teamed up with @cardboardfolk and @glittertribe (for guilt-free, biodegradable sparkle) on this glitzy craft ✨

It’s craft time!


 DIY Dinkum Festive Stockings and Fireplace

  • 01Stocking template
    Print out the Stocking Template and cut around the outlines, then use a pencil to trace around the stocking onto the scrap piece of cardboard. Carefully cut around the outline with a box cutter making sure to protect your work surface with a cutting mat or scrap cardboard.
  • 02Paint Stockings
    Paint your stockings to suit your Dinkum or Dinkum Dog’s personality!
  • 03Personalise
    Use a white paint pen to write your special friend’s on their stocking
  • 04Add your sparkle
    Add Bio Glitter from The Glitter Tribe to your stockings for some guilt-free sparkle! Use an old paintbrush to apply the PVA glue, sprinkle over glitter and then shake off the excess.
  • 05Trace your fireplace
    Take the large box and tape up down any loose flaps. On the front of the box, draw an arched fire place with a pencil and steel ruler. We used a dinner plate to create the arc at the top.
  • 06Cut it out
    Carefully cut out the fireplace using a box cutter and a steel ruler as a guide for the straight edges.


  • 07Paint the front
    Use a white paint pen to add some brick details to the front of the fireplace, if you don’t have a paint pen, you can always use white paint for this step.

  • 08Don't forget the mantle piece!
    Tape or glue the Honeycomb Packaging to the top of the box to create a mantle piece.
  • 09Place your stockings on the fire place
    Attach the Stockings to the top of the fireplace with double-sided tape. To give them a nice shadowline, we also added some small squares of thick cardboard to back of the stockings first.
  • 10Time to toast some marshmallows!
    Add your special Dinkum Friends, ready for some festive fun!


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