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DIY Dinkum Doll Spa Day

DIY Dinkum Doll Spa Day

Life as a Dinkum BFF can be sticky business! Whisk your Dinkums away for a spa day and explore a whole new world of imaginative play! We teamed up with our creative play-mate @raisingwildones for lots of fun ways to make Dinkums Dolls (and your kiddos) sparkle with joy! Gather the cardboard cucumber slices, and get crafting.


Cardboard (lots of it)
Paints (we recommend poster or acrylic)
Paint brushes
Decorative pens, pencils & markers
Masking tape
Hot glue gun (optional)
Paper fastening pin (to make cardboard scissors)
  • 01 Stock Your Salon

    Enlist little helpers to create cardboard props for the perfect spa day! We decorated cardboard scissors, combs, and nail polish pots with paint and markers.

  • 02 Craft Your Tools

    Repurpose two cardboard toilet rolls to make a pretend hair dryer. Bonus points if you add Dinkum-themed rainbows to the design!  

  • 03 Sprinkle Some Hair Magic

    Craft little cardboard rainbows and hot glue them to bobby pins to make Dinkum-themed barrettes! 

  • 04 Pamper Dinkum Mamas and Papas

    Use the Big Blossom Basket as a bonnet hood hair dryer, and cardboard toilet rolls make fun big curlers!

  • 05 Snip Snip

    Craft cardboard scissors and fasten with a paper push pin. Keep little hair cutting enthusiasts happy all day - without the emergency trip to a real hair stylist! 

  • 06 Find Your (Dinkum) Bliss

    It's not a spa day without (cardboard) cucumber slices! And don't throw your Dinkum packaging away. It makes the perfect Dinkum-sized salon chair.



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