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Play On-The-Go: Toys & Crafts To Keep Kids Entertained

Play On-The-Go: Toys & Crafts To Keep Kids Entertained

Good old-fashioned, screen-free, creative fun to keep little ones entertained! Tiny dolls, mini animals, and portable play sets for imaginative play, all while mum and dad run errands, sip coffee, and go on family road trips. Have a look at what we’ve got for you!


  • 01 Compact Colouring

    Take the fun wherever you go with Playpa Mini - a portable playtime pal! Designed to fit in a carry bag, the compact 14.5cm box includes a 2-metre roll printed with a rolling adventure and four crayons. Playpa Mini is a must to keep kids entertained in cafes, on planes, or in holiday accommodation.

  • 02 Pocket-Sized Plushies

    Bring Playpa Mini creations to life with Holdie World counterparts! Explore the depths of the Ocean with our Marine and Ocean Animals, and Mermaids. Trek the Forest with Princess Gloribel and Wanda the Witch! Made for little hands to hold, kids will love the portability of our pocket-sized Holdie dolls. 

  • 03 DIY Activity Kit

    Curate a grab bag full of travel fun with a repurposed See-ya Wash Bag. Fill with goodies like Holdie World friends, crayons, stickers, small cars, fidget spinners and pop-its, and snacks. Pro tip: for long journeys, wrap each individual item in gift paper to prolong the fun and give your restless kiddos a task to focus on as they unwrap each delight. 

  • 04 All-In-One Caddy

    The Mini Chari Bag is a multi-use shoulder bag that easily converts into a backpack. Strap it to your little one or their bike and keep hands free for exploring and collecting treasures on the go! 

  • 05 Pack, Play, And Explore

    The See-ya Suitcase gives kids independence on road trips and sleepovers, plus it's great for toting all the must-haves that accompany your kids on day trips too! If you're feeling brave, ask your little one to pack their own carry-on so you can enjoy a surprise fashion show of mismatched socks, toys, and snacks you never knew you had! 

  • 06 Ready, Set, Roll!

    For wheely big adventures, we recommend packing travel activities, snacks, and a warm jumper into a Luggy or Wonder Wagon. Pulling is easier than carrying, and the novelty for kids of wheeling their own basket will hopefully mean one less item for overloaded caregivers to carry!



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