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DIY | Freshly Foraged Wreath

DIY | Freshly Foraged Wreath

Joy joy joy! Special DIY delivery from our clever pals @jennkmedalle & daughter Leila to deck your halls in bits of nature foraged from the yard {and around the home}. Pinky swear it’s super easy! Summon our Holdie Forest Folk to make it extra magical!  

You will need: 

Pine branches (or your branches and/or leaves of choice) 
A piece of cardboard 
Twine or string 

Bonus: Palm-sized Holdie Forest Folk for decorations 

Step 1

Gather small pine branches or leaves from your yard or local park 


Tip: Collect your greenery in our Apple Basket  


Step 2

Find a piece of cardboard for desired wreath size 

Step 3

Draw a small circle and a bigger circle around it, and cut out the ring for the wreath 

Step 4

Tie and wrap twine or string around the cardboard ring 

Step 5

Tuck branches and leaves under the twine or string 

Step 6

 Voila! Add Holdie Folk, pinecones or other decorations you might have collected along the way! 






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