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Small Space Styling | Whitney Leigh Morris

Small Space Styling | Whitney Leigh Morris

Whitney Leigh Morris is a Small Space Lifestyle Consultant, blogger and author based in Venice, California. A firm believer that you don't need to "live large" to live beautifully, Morris uses her blog and Instagram account to share tips and ideas geared towards helping individuals, couples, and families live comfortably, contentedly, and more sustainably in compact quarters. With populations growing and the world in the midst of a climate crisis, Whitney aims to assist others in embracing and enjoying life in— and with— a smaller footprint. 


Tip 1: Use Your Local Library

Save money, preserve space, and reduce your environmental footprint by borrowing books from your local library— particularly if you have children. While we do have a permanent assortment of books in our home, the most used and efficient collections are those we borrow from the city and county libraries. We keep our son’s borrowed books in the Strolley as it’s easy and safe for him to roll around the house, and it keeps everything well-organised and easily accessible. 


Tip 2: BYO... Everything

We all know that single-use plastics are responsible for a staggering amount of damage to the planet and its inhabitants. Bring your own reusable produce bags, bulk good containers, reusable to-go boxes, utensils, linens, coffee and water vessels, and refillable jars for cleaning and body products whenever possible. It doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as it sounds once you figure out a system that works for you. And since these items are constantly in varying stages of use, they’re easier to stash around your tiny home than you might think. We tote ours daily, and use our Luggys to transport them to and from our local farmers markets and grocery stores.


Tip 3: Organise In Style

You can stylishly organise toys, games, accessories, equipment and more within your small space by skipping the bulky plastic storage bins, and opting instead to use beautiful, versatile baskets made of natural materials. Instead of storing everything together, arrange the containers throughout your home. Use simple hardware, such as coat racks, s-hooks and wall hooks to mount and hang select baskets. This will free up some precious floor space, while enriching the look, feel and function of your home. 


Tip 4: Get Some Fresh Air

Whenever possible, skip the car. Clearly this planet needs us all to cut back drastically on emissions from transportation. Plus riding a bike is better for your body, and getting outside is good for the soul. If your town offers shared/rental bikes, use them. If not, there are numerous handmade small space storage solutions for bikes available on sites such as Etsy. Our family shares one car, but we ride our funny little fleet of bikes far more often than we drive. I have a multi-tasking Mamachari for holding my phone and keys while I’m on my bike, and my son has a sweet little Mini Chari on his tricycle. 

Tip 5: Decorate With Greenery

Adding a diverse array of air-cleansing plants to your home is not only a wonderful way to make your space visually striking and unique, but it’s also a creative way to avoid filling your home with mass-produced decorative objects. The less manufacturing that is required to create your residence and the items within it, the less harm you’re doing to the Earth. Choose plants that suit your vibe and location, and be mindful of selecting varieties that are safe for your family and pets. (Our son loves to water our houseplants at the kitchen sink while standing on his Storie Stool!) 



Blog tinycanalcottage.com 
Instagram @whitneyleighmorris
Book Small Space Style






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