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Bags - Oliliella


To the shops, the markets, the beach and beyond, our basket bags, totes, trolleys and backpacks will help you along the way

        Natural Materials
          Sold out (but back soon!)
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          Caro Seagrass Basket

          Caro Seagrass Basket

          41,93 EUR
          Sold Out
          Regular price 59,90 EUR
          Rattan Bucket Bag - Large

          Rattan Bucket Bag Large

          44,00 EUR Regular price 55,00 EUR
          Rattan Bucket Bag - Small

          Rattan Bucket Bag Small

          23,20 EUR Regular price 29,00 EUR
          Nami Seagrass Backpack

          Nami Seagrass Backpack

          53,10 EUR Regular price 59,00 EUR
          Satch Seagrass Backpack

          Satch Seagrass Backpack

          71,10 EUR Regular price 79,00 EUR
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