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Big Folk Baskets - Oliliella

Big Folk Baskets

We love a bit of basket action at olli ella! they can be used for everything from market baskets and toy storage, to planters or storing house hold essentials ( and of course for holding laundry). What will you use your basket for?

        Natural Materials
          Rattan Big Luggy

          Rattan Big Luggy

          129,00 EUR
          Rattan Toaty Trunk - Rose

          Rattan Toaty Trunk Rose

          63,75 EUR Regular price 85,00 EUR
          Caro Seagrass Basket

          Caro Seagrass Basket

          41,18 EUR Regular price 54,90 EUR
          Satch Seagrass Backpack

          Satch Seagrass Backpack

          71,10 EUR Regular price 79,00 EUR
          Rattan Bucket Bag - Large

          Rattan Bucket Bag Large

          44,00 EUR Regular price 55,00 EUR
          Rattan Bucket Bag - Small

          Rattan Bucket Bag Small

          23,20 EUR Regular price 29,00 EUR
          Nami Seagrass Backpack

          Nami Seagrass Backpack

          53,10 EUR Regular price 59,00 EUR
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