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How to care for your Dinkum Dolls 

How to care for your Dinkum Dolls 

Like all of us, even a Dinkum Doll needs a little TLC every now and then! Being a Dinkum BFF can be a bit messy from time to time; there's dirt, paint, messy hair, and sometimes accidents happen too. Luckily, from washing to hairstyling, we're here to answer all those Dinkum Doll care tips you've ever wondered or asked about! 
❤️ Did you know? A percentage of all Dinkum Doll sales goes to  Donations are currently going to Save the Children's efforts to help protect children caught up in the conflict in Ukraine


Care for your Dinkum Doll

Those Dinkum Dolls sure do know how to have a good time out and about with their Kiddo counterparts! This does mean that sometimes they end up a little grubby (it's all part of the fun!) So here are our top tips for keeping your Dinkum Doll spick and span!



To Machine Wash 



  • 01Place in pillowcase
    If you would like to give your Dinkum a bath using a washing machine, first place it into a pillowcase or wash bag.
  • 02Seal
    Make sure that the bag is sealed so that your Dinkum Doll won't escape mid-wash.
  • 03Wash
    Wash your Dinkum Doll on a gentle, cold cycle, then leave it in the sun to dry.
  • 04Comb
    Once your Dinkum Doll is dry, use a soft-bristled brush to comb their hair.
  • 05Style
    Style those locks however you choose! 
  • 06Be careful!
    Each Dinkum Doll comes with special embroidered details, like their sweet little Rainbow heart. Be mindful that the stitching and fabrics may wear over time. We do not recommend repeated machine washing.


 To Spot Clean

  • 01Brush 
    Start by brushing your Dinkum Doll's hair using a soft-bristled brush. This is important to do prior to washing in order to remove any fluff or debris that may be stuck in it.
  • 02Remove Clothing
    Remove your Dinkum Doll's clothing. These can be washed together with your usual laundry.
  • 03Wet a cloth
    Wet a cloth under warm water...
  • 04Apply
    ...then apply your favourite organic washing detergent. 
  • 05Lather
    Using circular motions, lather the detergent into the parts of the Dinkum Doll you would like to spot clean...
  • 06Repeat
    ...then repeat using only water until the doll is clean. Lay your Dinkum Doll in the sun to dry. 


Remove knots and un-matt the hair of your well-loved Dinkum Doll 


Everyone loves those clean hair feels, and when you're a Dinkum Doll, bed hair can be rife!!

If the hair on your much-loved Dinkum Doll needs some love, follow the simple steps below for an extra special hair makeover.


 You will need 

Fabric softener or conditioner
Tap water
Tangle Teaser or comb 

Let's get started...


  • 01
    Mix up watered-down fabric softener or conditioner
  • 02
    Run through hair for about 30 seconds {head massage optional}
  • 03
    Gently brush the knots out with a Tangle Teaser or comb while it's still wet 
  • 04
    Rinse with water {it's ok to leave some in!} 
  • 05
    Pop your Dinkum out in the sun to dry!  


Hooray! Ready to style their hair however you choose.



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